Redirect anger over proposed budget cuts

Jan. 9, 2011

To the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community:

Have we in a year’s time lost 8% or 10% of our interest in our children? Do we think 8% or 10% less of their future as citizens of the world?

Tuesday’s school board meeting promises to be dominated by discussion of how to take another 8% to 10% of the funding away from our children’s education. That discussion will instantly focus on details. Should we drop this program or that? Cut this staff or that? End this investment or that? And instead of looking at the big picture, we will start fighting amongst ourselves over which program or staff or investment is more or less important.

Hold on.

Why all the cuts when public school education throughout North Carolina has been grossly underfunded for decades? Even in recessionary times, is the future of our children not the most important investment we can make?

The Swann Fellowship would like every person who is disgusted with any one proposed cut in the school budget to be discussed next Tuesday to take the following action:

Redirect that disgust over budget cuts into pressure on local, state and federal officials to redouble their funding for public school education for all children.

Write your representatives in this democracy that you will pay your fair share to prevent this assault on public education and, therefore, our future of our nation.

Do it now.

Addresses of all officeholders are at the Mecklenburg Board of Elections website.