Why aren’t more adults engaged in fight for a future for all children?


July 24, 2014

Well, here I sit at this computer in the early morning. I attended the last monthly board meeting of the Swann Fellowship, and was not surprised to find that we have now dwindled down to three members who made the effort to come together (meet) at 7:30 in the morning, and three who could not attend this meeting, for a total of six board members. It was a wonderful day, the sun was out and the traffic had not reached its frantic worst as Charlotteans bustled to work.

Swann Fellowship, an organization that advocates for children, was comprised of concerned educators, parents, grandparents, and interested citizens who cared about all of our Children.

For the last 5 years, I have been actively trying to recruit honest, concerned people to assist the existing board in the fight, yes, fight to insure all of our children are being presented with the best product that CMS can muster – Education that will allow these children to become viable, authentically educated citizens of my, yes, my city, Charlotte.

What happened? It seems that all of the can-do, concerned adults have disappeared from this commitment. As I look around, I find that I am the only person of African Heritage that is left on the Swann board. There seems to be no interest from the community that one County Commissioner has colored as a moral sewer, in helping those among us most in need of our help, our children.

Now, it even appears that some of our elected officials want to dismantle the public school system. If we starve it and refocus our attentions on pay and other adult issues, no one will question why the children are not performing on all of those tests geared to determine whether or not the teachers are effective, or whether we are giving little Johnny what he needs to succeed. We have known that one size does not fit all, but we continue to try and use one educational model which continues to underserve most of our children. Why?

As for Swann, was there rapture? Where did all of the people go? Why aren’t more people engaged and involved in this battle that is vital to the future of our community – ALL of our children?

Well, I am tired; maybe it is time to do something else. Revolution is painful when you find that you are alone. If the parents are not willing to get involved, why should I care? Maybe because I am tired of seeing the CMS system failures going to jail, or worse, the morgue. I am tired. I am very tired.

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