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By Yoojin Cho
Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 04:07 PM EST

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education is asking for the public’s input, as they work on revising its student assignment policy.
“It doesn’t matter where you live in Mecklenburg County, there are schools in all parts of the county,” school board member Tom Tate said. “We are as big as the county is, and we are as diverse as the county is, and we are trying to educate. We want to educate every single student and do the best job we can so they are ready for the rest of their lives.”
On Thursday morning, school board members reviewed in detail a survey they’ll send out early next year to parents and students.
It asks what programs they’re interested in, their proximity to those programs and what matters most to them when it comes to choosing a school.
Given the rapid population growth in Mecklenburg County, the board wants ideas from elected officials as well.
Board Member Ruby Jones said, “Unlike any other entity, we serve the whole county. So those six towns, surrounding towns, as well as the City of Charlotte.”
At this point, the board is considering three options: 1. Let a student choose a nearby school or apply to a magnet school, 2. A school choice in their neighborhood or 3. re-district.
Parents hope redefining the assignment policy will lead to improved diversity and equal distribution of resources among all schools.
Karen Godsman said, “There’s disparity in what the schools have, the facilities, the resources, and I don’t think it’s fair.”
Carol Sawyer said, “If 40 percent of the rest of the students are failing, or being failed by the system, we don’t have a viable community.”
The Board of Education is still working on the final draft of the survey. They hope to distribute the survey in January and have the results in by March.