A great return on a public investment

030301GrunewaldFeb. 29, 2016
First published in Educate! March 27, 2003

“Writing for the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, research director Art Rolnick and analyst Rob Grunewald say that one study suggests that public investment in early childhood education yieldsa 12% rate of return – far higher than the return rates for entertainment venues and new factories. They call the return ‘extraordinary, resulting in better working public schools, more educated workers and less crime.’

“They propose creation of a Minnesota Foundation for Early Childhood Development, creating a $1.5 billion endowment over five years. Proceeds would assure that ‘children from low-income families are ready to learn by the time they reach kindergarten.’

“Charlotte-Mecklenburg has a demonstrated need of at least 500 more seats for low-income children in Bright Beginnings or More at Four programs. More on the report is here. A PDF of the report is here.