Making choice work

3-17-16: The first report from the CMS survey about community attitudes about student assignment raises may issues. Among them:

160317Survey100On map at right (click to enlarge), by board district, are percentages of respondents disagreeing or strongly disagreeing with the following statement: “I would be OK with a longer bus ride if it meant my child(ren) attended a program of my choice.”

Only 10% of respondents in District 3 disagreed. Their board representative, Dr. Ruby Jones, mused at several Policy Committee meetings months ago that the people she heard from were desperate to find better schools for their children.

Perhaps people in District 3 know what they want for their children, and are willing to make sacrifices to get it. But surely the same should be said for respondents in Districts 5 and 6.

So why do majorities in 5 and 6 oppose a longer bus ride to get their children to a program of their choice?