‘Education and Poverty’ paper discussed on ‘Charlotte Talks’


From left: School board member Tom Tate; Swann Fellowship board members Deacon Jones and Mickey Aberman; WFAE’s Mike Collins; Family Court Judge Regan Miller


Aug. 20, 2008

On WFAE’s “Charlotte Talks,” Fellowship board members, a school board member and a family court judge discuss “Education and Poverty” paper.

If children haven’t mastered the basic skills for learning by middle school, they’re lost, said the judge.

If children haven’t mastered many of those basic skills even before they arrive at elementary school, they’re lost, said the school board member.

WFAE’s Mike Collins Thursday led a four-member panel through a discussion of Mickey Aberman’s paper, “Education and Poverty in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools,” on the WFAE radio program “Charlotte Talks.” Collins focused on the paper’s suggestion that investing more in education will curb exploding costs for incarceration.

Audio excerpts from Charlotte Talks session:

Mickey Aberman on education as an investment

Deacon Jones: Are our expectations high enough?

Deacon Jones: Are the children at the back of the room really given access to an education?