2 NC districts compared


Feb. 10, 2009

A front-page spread in the New& Observer Sunday was headlined “Whose schools work better?” The pair of stories focus on how Wake and Mecklenburg have taken different roads toward goals of of giving all children a quality education. The two counties desegregated, but at slightly different times and under very different circumstances. That history, plus rather different demographics today, have influenced the decisions made.

Those familiar with the longtime Meck-Wake rivalry in North Carolina will recognize some of the hyper-competitive tone in these stories. But both communities are struggling toward consensus, and the stories make clear that public consensus may be just an elusive goal as ensuring a quality education for every child.

The original links to the two stories in the News & Observer have gone bad. News & Observer reporter T. Keung Hui’s report is cached here. Charlotte Observer reporter Ann Doss Helms’ report is cached here.