Including parents in an important re-visioning to improve education

July 21, 2009

From the July 21 NC Justice News, published by Raleigh-based N.C. Justice Center:

“EDUCATION: Involving Parents in Personal Education Plans

“House Bill 804, a measure that would amend the law regarding personal education plans (PEPs) for students at risk of academic failure, has passed in both the House and Senate chambers. However, there are differences between the two versions, so in the next week or two a conference committee of members from both houses will have to reconcile those differences.

“Current state law requires schools to develop personal education plan for every student at risk of academic failure. However, the law stops short of requiring parental notice and/or involvement in creating the plan.

“HB 804 is a minor modification that requires schools to provide parents with some type of notice once their children have been identified as at risk of academic failure. Research has proven that parents are the key to improving educational outcomes for at-risk students. We’ll keep you posted on the bill’s progress.

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