Few ideas offered on student assignment

Dec. 27, 2009

The note below appeared on the front of the website for two months ending today. The note was a followup to a suggestion made on this site after an assignment hearing.

In that time there were two inquiries. One was from a woman who, when we returned the call, would not respond. The other was from a man with a generalized idea for use of socioeconomic goals to guide a lottery in which students would make separate choices at primary, middle and high school.

In January 2010 the school board plans some discussion of student assignment.



The attendance boundaries the school board adopts at one point inevitably create the next round of parent outrage and neighborhood instability as neighborhoods grow or age out. Fellowship members are holding conversations with individuals and groups to explore if there are other ways to handle the school district’s need to define initial student assignments. If you have ideas, please contact Steve Johnston at [email protected] to join the discussion.